R.I.P Baatin of Slum Village

Baatin (Titus Baatin Glover) of Slum Village has passed away.

While no details are available regarding cause of death, the veteran rapper's body was found early this morning in the 1400 block of Detroit's Anglin Street.

The body was then transferred to the Wayne County medical examiner's office, where Baatin's next of kin made a positive identification.

Friends of the rapper have been sending out condolences via Twitter throughout the day.

“R.I.P. baatin of slum village forever,” wrote singer Dwele on his page.

In a summer filled with celebrity deaths, producer 9th Wonder advised fans to remember artists while they are still living.

“RIP Baatin of Slum Village; let’s celebrate our people while they are here,” 9th reflected. “We are losing folk.”

Baatin was the founding member of the group Slum Village, along with J Dilla and T3.

R.I.P Baatin.....

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