Banksy: Caught In The Act And Unmasked

Reader Chloe sends these images of what is surely a new Banksy piece in Bethnal Green. And she seems to have captured the face of the artist, hitherto unseen. (However, we’ve seen that flower shape before, around Shoreditch—perhaps Banksy is here teaming up with someone else.)

He loves NYC!!!!NYCでも至る所に!!!

Apparently still on his tour of the US, although we haven’t heard much from him since his now classic endeavors in New Orleans.

Banksy recently commissioned professional painters “Colossal” to put up his “I Love NY” rat piece in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood. The three story high work features a very ironic message, which we have come to expect throughout the years.

Another great piece, although not put up by his own hands, from Banksy!


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